About the author

I’m Manuel and I’m a mountain, rock climbing and nature on the whole passionate.
Craftsmanship has also been one of my hobbies too. That’s the way I began to get known among many people. There wasn’t a week with a call, from both friends and unknown people, demanding something special: Can you make me a hauling bag for my drilling machine? A dog harness? A motorcycle saddlebag? A customized e-book case? And so on… I must be some kind of artist, I thought.
Jokes apart, I have now decided to focus in just three products: CRACK GLOVES, CHALK BAGS and BUMBAGS.
Every product I offer on this webpage has been totally and gradually designed by me. Taking all the care and love you put on what you like most.
Each of them is the result of a special request made by my fellow climbers. And you know, they are demanding people, asking for durable, practical, though beautiful stuff.
So many customers, friends already, mountaineers and climbers all around the country and across the pond encourage me to create this little webpage. All my dreams and passion summarized in a few lines.